What is Shockwatch?

In a modern transport system, we are now able to use a valuable device that monitors the safety of our equipments’ transfer from one place to the other via any transportation. A shockwatch is such a device. It may be used like a label or pinned to the equipment. This device creates a warning sign when the object to be delivered accidentally drops, tilts dangerously or is mishandled by the carrier you hired. Like a camera, it conveniently watches over your equipment in scientific ways that it is a wonder as to how Shockwatch actually does it.

Shockwatch Labels

Shockwatch labels are simply labels or stickers you put on the package to give impact indicators of the object inside the package. Red would indicate that the object is easily damaged, and therefore the handlers must take extra care in transporting the goods.

Shockwatch Clips

These are clips or tubes that turn a bright red if the item in the package has been tampered or has been shaken during miles of transport. These clips come in various designs suitable for the object to be transferred. There is the single tube, a double clip that detects dislodgement up to 360 degrees and a tube that can be incorporated with the object. Additionally, it turns bright red in cases of dislodgement and a multiclip for more complex transport analysis.

Shockwatch Dropspot

Basically, it indicates the threshold of the object to be transferred. More than that, it can turn bright red to signal that there has been mishandling of the object while it is being transferred. The red indication can be seen from afar therefore handlers can easily be alerted to the problem at hand.


Shockwatch is also a tilt sensor manufacturer. It manufactures devices that can signal if the object to be transported has tilted to a degree that is already unfavourable. Tiltwatch will then send an alarm so that the package can be repositioned.

It is important to set the labels or tubes in an inflexible or rigid placement as far as possible. The reason behind this is the need for the object which is to be transported is affixed or stable as much as possible.

Shockwatch makes use of graphs to determine the acceleration vs. the duration the package will be in the transportation. They take much care in analyzing the actual transport so that the object arrives the way it was before it was sent out on the trip.

They take on the responsibility of transporting your goods in as predetermined a way as possible. This means they take on the weight of quality logistics by way of labels, stick tubes, alarm systems, complex multiple indicators and tiltwatches. These simple and also complex devices are the difference between items being transported with a watchful eye ornot. Objects which have been transferred without these important devices come to your door with scratches or some have been torn loose. Using them now is a sign of wisdom and simple common sense.

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