Top Tips for Designing Kids’ Party Invites

Organising a party for is usually accompanied by wine, spreadsheets and if you’re a mother, Pinterest! There’s a lot to think about with a party and sometimes depending on the age of the child, everything you need to impress with gets packed into the invite. Everything can be arranged properly and efficiently especially if you are lucky enough to have some help! The invitations that you have for your child’s birthday party will obviously depend on the age of the child and if they are a little older they’ll have some more input than a toddler who won’t have much of an insight except that balloons are fun.

While it’s vital that they have all the information in them for the actual day, along with RSVP details, you will of course want them to stand out and be remembered. Invitations that stand out can set the tone for the biggest day of your child’s life that year. They’ll want to impress their friends and they’ll want their friends to have the best time ever! You will want to be able to have the parents talking about the invitation and look forward to the party as much as the child will. There’s nothing wrong with wanting all of that on an invite but you don’t want to make it too busy either. Party invitations can be expensive but sometimes it’s not the biggest consideration when it comes to getting them designed. pocketfold invites for events

You can use companies to help you design pocketfold invites for events or you can simply choose off the shelf designs which tend to be a little cheaper. Some party invitations have no frills and are simple. Not necessarily plain as such, but clean and minimalist in style and these can be unusually beautiful. They can also have a lot of sparkles and glitter and really stand out with their bold and bright colours. Most of the time, children like to choose party invitations to match their party colours and then the design suits the theme of the day.  Other party invites are fluorescent, eye catching and adorned in characters that are a favourite!

Always remember that just because something has a cheaper price tag it doesn’t mean that it looks cheap! Simple party invitations that only list the venue and start and end times along with RSVP details are quite popular in comparison to the highly busy invites detailing everything from the ten types of entertainment to the menu at the meal. Simple is always effective, sophisticated and bound to bring excitement to the child attending. Try and stay away from the tacky end of the party invitations but you can still be bold in colour! Your colours and text should be bold and really show off your child’s party in the best way. The better and more bold the invitation, the more excited your guests will be for you.

There’s something so much more graceful in a full and proper party invitation with a quirky and unique style versus a round robin email! Having a company around that can organise everything to match can give uniform to your party.

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