Spa Hotspots in Melbourne

Being committed to a healthy lifestyle can drastically improve the length of your life and your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; it’s a well-known fact. The trouble is that our lives are so busy that sometimes twenty four hours do not seem enough in the cold light of day and following the same repetitive routines of eat – sleep – work – repeat can get so draining on our bodies. The constant technology we are bombarded with on a daily basis and the stress of work deadlines can really put some pressure on us and spending some time in a spa or a day retreat is the perfect refuge from the everyday drudgery.

sydney-363244_640The city of Melbourne is full of rejuvenating spa centres that offer various treatments that can help you to unwind, relax and let go of the daily routine. Finding suitable Melbourne Accommodations can be easy when looking for something nearby to a relaxing spa. There are countless massages, yoga and body treatments in the best equipped centres that are available to you and in this article we have listed some of the best spas that are around in the city of Melbourne.

St Kilda Sea Baths

If you love a good steam after a workout, this particular spa will be perfect for you. It’s located right near to a beach and you can spend the day gazing out to the ocean while you take a seawater spa. Their signature treatment is the Kitya Karnu which takes place in your own personal steam room where hot oils and mineral salts are placed on the skin for exfoliation. You then have an amazingly enriching hair treatment and facial cleansing. You can hop the tram over to St Kilda Sea Baths for the day to free yourself of the daily stress.

Chuan Spa at The Langham

A little piece of the Orient found tucked away in the centre of Melbourne at the Langham Hotel, you can literally cleanse your body and soul with their green tea showers and sweet and salty body scrubs. Rest your body and mind in total tranquillity and feel all your daily worries slough away. Experience the magical properties of green tea which has lately been proven as a youth elixir and flow in the water of an exquisitely luxurious pool, lit by calming turquoise lights. You absolutely must experience the prize winning treatment of a tri-bathing ritual (saltwater Jacuzzi, therapeutic sauna and a snail shower), herbal salt scrubbing, a choice of massage for half an hour, a hot stone massage and a facial treatment of your choice.

The Mansion Spa at Weribee Park

We’ve mentioned the Orient but at Mansion Spa you can experience the Turkish influence in the Hammam chamber and steam room for two people. Cover your skin in a cleansing mud made from coffee and vanilla beans, then sit back and let it soak as you relax for the day. At the end of the day you can dive into a cool water pool and relax your body and muscles. The Mansion Spa offers a premium 90 minute Aroma Mosaic Body massage and it takes place in one of the larger couple’s rooms that offer a spa bath for two with a selection from four aromatized massage balms that create a soothing scent.

If you’re a busy mum on holiday with her family, leave your family accommodation Melbourne for the day and get yourself down to the local spa. Chill out, relax and return rejuvenated and happy!

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