Some Things to Discuss with a Potential Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is never easy. There are so many details that go into the whole event that sometimes it can get overwhelming of you will opt to get the preparations done on your own. While it is true that having a wedding planner Surrey on board means an additional person to pay the services of, you will find that it can actually save you a lot of money in the long run especially when it comes to the knowledge and industry know-how that he brings to the table. Just see to it that you hire the right one.

You will be interviewing and talking to several potential candidates, but you want to make sure that you are ready before you do. There are things that you need to find out first though before you start calling these experts in and having them see you. For instance, get to know how much your budget is going to be. You need to find out the number of people you want to be part of the guest list. You need to consider your wedding date and make sure that you tell him what kind of wedding you want.

When you interview potential planners, make sure that you take a look at how each of these audiences you have with the planner went to make sure that you can pick the right fit for you. For instance, see if the potential wedding planner London made you feel heard and is doing what he can to get a good understanding of the vision that you have for the wedding. See if he has this sense of actually wanting to work with the kind of budget that you have set. Most importantly, see if you feel easy with him and there is a great connection between yours and his personality.

When you interview the planner, ask first if he happens to be open on the wedding date that you have chosen. In the event that he is open on that date, ask if he happens to anticipate any issue concerning the date. This is important so you can either move the dates to accommodate are schedule or you may need to look for another prospect who can have this date open and available for you.


Find out why he decided to become a wedding planner make sure that you will ask him about the reasons that have motivated him to actually want to plan people’s weddings for them. Find out how he would rate his skills when it comes to problem-solving and see how good he is with communication as well. You will be working closely with him and he being able to communicate with things concerning the preparations is very crucial.

See if he has credential to prove the legitimacy of the business that he runs as well. You need to see if you are looking for a provider who happens to be very experience dint he field. See if he is or to any association as well. It is always reassuring when he is as this means that he is basing his practices and his ethics on regulations and standards set by the industry in which he belongs to.

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