Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! You are probably smiling up to your ears now and can’t wait for your big day. You deserve to be happy but you also deserve to have a stress free life with your future husband or wife after your wedding.

As you plan for the biggest day of your life, you have to consider several things before you pick the best place of the ceremony, the number of your invited guests, the gown, the cake and many important things to you. All involve money and so you really have to be ready with the cost you will spend.

Think and assess of how much budget you want to spend on your big day. You can spend all you want but you also have to think of the days that you have to live and eat. You don’t want you and your partner to argue about money after you get married. That is stressful and one of the causes of failed marriages.  You don’t want that to happen!

Now you have your budget planned out, think of how many guests you will invite before looking for a place to have the ceremony and reception. This should be thought of first since the ceremonial place can depend on the number of your guests. Try not to invite the whole town if you don’t have the budget. And you don’t know the whole town unless you’re a running politician. Invite the people who are very close to you like your friends and family. The fewer your guests are, the more intimate the wedding will be since they know you as a couple or just you solely.

Now that you have decided the number of people you will invite on your very important day, you can ponder where the magic happens next. Traditionally, churches or your houses, or event halls can be the ceremonial places. If you want to be a little creative, you can have your wedding in art galleries, beaches, or historical spots. You can also have your ceremony and reception in one place so you can still lessen a bit from your budget.

The reception is also one of the things your guests look forward to. Search for the best and affordable caterers, photographers for your ceremony and reception, and don’t forget about the music! You can have wedding dj Hertfordshire for your vibrant wedding party.

Above preparations are just a few of the biggest things you have to prepare. Of course, the bride and groom’s suit can depend on what you want and where you’ll have the wedding. Have some kind of tropical and light touch on your suits if the wedding is on a beach. Also invitations are something guests find their expectations from. If you decide with the beach wedding, then your wedding invitation should also have that Hawaii-like aura.

Flowers, photographers, decorations for the ceremony and reception can also add up to the stress and excitement on planning for your big day. Just remind yourself that your wedding is where your vows happen, and the day you can look back to but the real life and companion happens after it.













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