How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Invitations

Weddings are all about choosing. You choose your husband-to-be, you choose your venue, your bridesmaids, your shoes and your wedding dress. You choose your colours and your decorations and on top of that, you’re also expected to choose your wedding stationery. If you think that’s all, think again. When you choose wedding stationery, you pick the font, the style, the layout, the colours and on and on. It’s a whirlwind of taffeta and lace and castles and ponies. I realise that sounds rather like a fairy tale but honestly that is exactly what a wedding should be: a fairy tale.


Choosing your perfect wedding invitations uk is just as important as choosing the dress. The invitations can cause bridal panic attacks in a similar fashion to the dress and they have to be absolutely perfect as they are going to all your family and friends. We all know that as your family and friends, they shouldn’t judge your wedding or how you present it, but we also all know that they will. There will always be a comment made whether you hear it or not so why give anyone the satisfaction? Why not just knock it out of the park with the invitations you send to everyone? There are ways you can do that and deciding on the wedding invites and how they look is the first step. First impressions last forever and when you are joining up to a new family, you want to make sure you impress while staying true to yourselves as a couple. The invitations, save the date cards and order of service templates set the tone for your wedding day and actually, the marriage ahead.

The wedding invitation you choose should have a theme and if your wedding day has a theme then it’s an obvious conclusion that these should match. Surprisingly, many brides struggle with coming up with a theme for their wedding day and if they do have a theme in mind, that flies right out of the window the moment they start looking at wedding samples. The overload of information is usually enough to confuse and stress even the most level headed bride and knowing what you want from the outset is important before you start shopping. While you’re looking for a theme that you love, keep an eye on the deals you can get with printing companies. Some companies will add discounts the more stationery you buy so if you have a bulk order on invites you may get money off your thank you cards or table cards. These deals should help you seal the agreement with a company as cutting costs but keeping quality should be at the forefront of the mind of every bride.

Your wedding invitation design should be elegantly beautiful but not too overloaded. Covering the pages with crystals, rhinestones and feathers would probably be more suited to Vegas and if you’re getting married in a quaint country church in the Valleys of Wales then they wouldn’t really fit. Keep it simple and keep it pretty. Make sure the font and colours of your invites are easily readable especially for older family matriarchs and make sure you pick something you and the groom both like. It’s his day too and his family and friends will be seeing the stationery as much as yours so it is important!

Above all, enjoy the day! Get excited about shopping and get yourself involved with the printing designers as they can help you settle some of the difficult decisions about colours!

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