Benefits of Using Paper Bags Over Plastic Bags

Both plastic and paper bags have a huge effect and impact on the environment. According to the recent researches and surveys, about 10 billion of the people in western countries use paper bags in a year while there are approximately about 98 billion of people who use plastic bags over paper bags. Both of these paper and plastic bags have their versions of advantages and disadvantages when using them.

Papers Bags Are Easy to Decompose

Unlike plastic bags which takes years before they are decomposed or sometimes they do not even decompose at all. Plastic bags are not biodegradable, and plastic bags need Ultraviolet rays before the are being decomposed, but take note, the decomposition of plastic would take 500 to even thousands of years. Also, when you burn plastics, plastic produce harmful chemicals, which can harm the ozone layer or even cause harm to the lungs of the people around burning plastics. Paper bags decompose faster than plastic bags, and they are biodegradable. Paper bags decompose on their own. Paper bags are environmentally preferred and friendly, and all kinds of paper bags are available from apaper bag supplier.

Reusable and Recyclable

Also, two of the major reasons why you should start using paper bags are that paper bags are reusable and recyclable. Plastic bags are alsoreusable; however, theplastic bag contains harmful chemicals which can harm the people using it over time.Paper bags have a lot of uses, and they come in different sizes and forms as well.

Brown paper bag

Made up of Recycled Materials

Another benefit of using paper bags is that they are made up and composed of recycled materials. They are being formed and manufactured using recycled materials of any products.

Paper Bag Has More Style

Using paper bags is more elegant and offers more style. Bringing some plastic bags sometimes is not a very nice thing to look at. But with the use of paper bags which can carry most of your groceries and things, you will never have to worry about how you look even if there are so many paper bags to carry all at once. Carrying paper bags than plastic bags has more fashion.

Overall, the use of paper bags is more preferable than the use of plastic bags to carry groceries or any items because with the growing concern of global warming and the increase number of more non-biodegradable items being produced by most of the industries and manufacturers, using paper bags instead of plastic bags will have a great impact to environment to counter all those growing environmental concerns.This deed of using paper bags instead of plastic bags will help combat global warming and other growing environmental concerns. And if you think that paper bags are solely for your groceries and items, well you are wrong. There are so many kinds of stuff which you can put inside the paper bags, and paper bags have many kinds as well which will suit the things you put inside.

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